About the Founder & History of Barefoot Custom Homes

Keith Barefoot is the owner of Barefoot Custom Homes. He was born and raised in Bedford, Pennsylvania. From the age of seven, Keith spent every summer on job sites with his father, who is a builder. After high school and college, Keith went back to his roots in Bedford, and he worked with a prominent builder for about a year before starting his own business at age 19. Before Keith turned 20, he built his first house and a dentist's office.

The Origin of Barefoot Custom Homes

In 1990, Keith moved to the West Shore area, and in 1996, he started a framing subcontract company. In 1997, he started building his first house in central Pennsylvania under Keith A. Barefoot Custom Homes. In 2000 Keith A. Barefoot Custom Homes became KAB Group, Inc. d.b.a. Keith A. Barefoot Custom Homes. In 2005, it was abbreviated to Barefoot Custom Homes.
Barefoot Custom Homes has built over 100+ homes since 1998, ranging from $500,000.00 to 2.5 million in price.